If you're into bright, colourful, creative pieces, then we’ll fit right in. Butternutbutternut is a hub for art designed for your home inspired by conscious living. Our aspiration is whether you're looking for wall art, quirky furniture, or a conversation piece, we've got it. Our collection is small but growing and we'd love to hear what you're looking for!

We are constantly stretching out of our comfort zone, experimenting with new materials, and venturing into the unknown. The only thing guiding us is what we stand for: butternutbutternut.

Butter: To be creatively malleable like butter. So no rules, just flowing and shape-shifting to create anything our hearts desire. 

Nut: Have the rock hard construct of a nut. So no nasties. No negative vibes. Just reliable good quality.

x2: Doubling everything so that we never stop thinking big and chasing more. Butternutbutternut.

Our Story

Butternutbutternut was started in 2018 by Shinjini Sur, a creative entrepreneur. And now here we are. Learn more about Shin here.